A former participant calls Brazil nationwide crew cowards for agreeing to play in Copa América


Last week, the Brazilian national team threatened not to play the Copa America because of the tournament now taking place in Brazil, one of the countries hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

It felt like the players didn’t want to be used as pawns to be a distraction from more critical issues in the country. However, the squad eventually confirmed that they would be attending the tournament.

The decision to play at the Copa America did not suit a former player well. Globo Esporte (via Marca) published a column by former Brazilian international Walter Casagrande, who attacked the current Seleção players hard.

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Casagrande described the team’s players as cowards. The team doesn’t care about the current health situation and their only concern is their social networks and their brand. In addition, the former player spoke about how the Brazilian national team feels more disconnected from the country than ever.

“The only thing that matters for these guys is that they appear on social networks and show off their big houses and spectacular cars,” Casagrande wrote. “The attitude of the players to play the Copa America is a cowardly act and shows that the players did not care about the serious health situation in the country, but that they take care of themselves. With the resignation of the ex-president of the Brazilian football association Caboclo, everything was fixed.

“This is a generation of soccer players who are more alienated than I have seen them since the 1980s. The only important thing for them is to be on social media and show off their great mansions and powerful cars, ”Casagrande wrote.

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