Ambrose admits shock that Ben White has joined Arsenal


Arsenal are on the verge of a £ 50m deal for Ben White but Darren Ambrose expressed surprise at the deal

The 23-year-old England center-back will join the Gunners after Brighton accepted their offer of around £ 50million last week as Mikel Arteta is keen to step up that defense in this transfer window

White is currently on vacation after having been to the European Championship. but he’s already got personal terms and conditions and will receive medical treatment upon his return from vacation, which is the only thing standing in the way of a possible deal

In response to news of the defender’s upcoming move to Arsenal, Ambrose expressed surprise at the deal and revealed that he has chosen to go to the Emirates rather than a bigger club in the Premier League

“If I were Ben White, I would probably have held out a bit and see if a currently larger club in the Premier League would have taken me,” he said at TalkSport

“He may have already done it, but it seems very early in the window to do it.

“But does he use that as a stepping stone? He came from Leeds, then to Brighton, now he’s going to Arsenal.

“In two or three years, will he either go ahead and return to Arsenal, which we know he can achieve, or will he move to an even bigger club currently in the Premier League?”

Sum up…

White is a brilliant defender and it was a shock to see Arsenal ready to pay their massive £ 50m fee. But we’re a little surprised that he didn’t make the decision to join Chelsea, United or City, but the Emirates are where he wants to be


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