Anthony Stokes advisable for anti-domestic abuse course


There are some footballers who seem to always have problems with the law and that seems to be the case with former Celtic and Arsenal striker Anthony Stokes.

The Daily Mail has confirmed he has been banned from contacting his ex for at least four years, and he is also being enrolled on a class designed to prevent domestic abuse.

This is believed to have happened after bombarding his ex-girlfriend with rotten and abusive phone messages, but his trial has been postponed due to Covid-19 issues so it is only now being addressed.

It appears that the recommendations have been made for him to submit to a restraining order and continue this course, but this has yet to be approved by the sheriff after reports are collected, so he may face further punishment.

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Stokes has had a good career since his breakthrough at Arsenal and his prime spent his prime in Scotland with Celtic and Hibs, although they have stalled in recent years after a move to Livingston was canceled due to concerns about their plastic space.

It’s not clear if he’ll be able to make a comeback after being without a club for a while and also in court, but it’s clear that he has bigger problems to solve first.

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