Antonio Rudiger opens as much as media as hypothesis rise over defender’s exit from Stamford Bridge


Chelsea news: Antonio Rüdiger was an integral part of Thomas Tuchels Chelsea Squad. The German defender is the only player who plays Chelsea every minute PL Games this semester. That alone explains how important Rüdiger is to the blues. However, there has been some speculation lately that Rüdiger might get out soon.

The root of these rumors suggests that Chelsea have not yet reached an agreement with the 28-year-old on his contract extension. Rüdiger’s current contract with the Blues expires next summer. As a result, Chelsea are trying to reach an agreement with the player to secure extra time.

However, it seems like things are not going as the Blues planned. Rüdiger calls for a raise, which Chelsea finds a little too high. The rumored interest of Bayern Munich and real Madrid heats the flames at Chelsea.

But Thomas Tuchel wants his trusted defender to stay at Stamford Bridge. After Tuchel’s arrival, Rüdiger was able to shine in the spotlight. Hence, we can see the Germans pronouncing it and reaching an agreement soon.

Chelsea News: Rüdiger opens up the potential future in West London

Antonio Rüdiger plans to focus on winning with Chelsea for now. Source: Getty Images.

Antonio Rüdiger is currently back in the German squad for international matches. Rüdiger was more than happy to be the media person he asked some questions about his future. But despite all the rumors, Rudiger assured him that he was happy wherever he was. And that he wants to concentrate on his presence and want to do his utmost for the squad.

“I feel good where I am now. So that fits “,

Antonio Rüdiger at a pre-match conference, via

Asked about the interest of other large clubs in him. The defense attorney replied that it was “honorable” for him to know. In his opinion, he has to do things right in order to be recognized by other clubs.

Both Bayern Munich and Real Madrid really want to sign him Juventus also in the mix. The negotiations between Chelsea and Rüdiger are still ongoing. Prospects try to entice him by suggesting that if he signs for them, they will double his salary. However, according to reports, Rudiger is not open to a move from Chelsea.

Rüdiger respects his current contract with Chelsea and feels an obligation to work hard for them. He plans to continue his efforts for Chelsea and think about his future when the time comes. However, should he get out for one of the suitors, Rüdiger becomes the highest-paid defender in the world.

Chelsea News: Tuchel pushes for Rüdiger’s contract extension

Tuchel urges the Chelsea hierarchy to complete negotiations with Rudiger.Tuchel urges the Chelsea hierarchy to complete negotiations with Rudiger. Source: SkySports.

Antonio Rüdiger, although he joined Chelsea in 2017, didn’t make a big impression until Tuchel’s arrival. Ex-Chelsea boss Frank Lampard didn’t make much of Rüdiger either. However, the German has been a firm choice since Thomas Tuchel’s arrival.

Thanks to this, Rüdiger and Co. were able to win Chelsea’s second Champions League title. And we’re also at the top of the Premier League table as we go into the international break. We understand that Rüdiger is an important player for Thomas Tuchel and therefore the manager asks the board of directors to make a decision quickly.

Tuchel urges the hierarchy to settle the differences quickly and to agree a new contract that both parties agree to. The German defender is currently earning £ 100,000 a week and Chelsea have offered to increase it to £ 125,000 a week. The other side is not satisfied with this offer, however, as Rüdiger has established himself as an important member of the squad.

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While there are differences at the moment, Chelsea are unlikely to give up their cornerstone defense. Thomas Tuchel will do his best to find a logical solution. Hence, despite the speculation, it is likely that Chelsea will reach enough terms for a contract renewal soon.

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