Arsenal’ defensive goal prepared to maneuver at Chelsea


Since the transfer window opened, some news regarding arsenal Transfer priorities come out. One such target on the recent transfer priority list is Jules Kounde. But things are not going well at Arsenal.

However, Arsenal’s goal wanted to switch to their rival Chelsea. Although both clubs developed strongly this English Premier League season, so did the full-back’s wish to join the UEFA Champions League winners Chelsea.

The Seville defender will also join one of the best English Premier League clubs this season, according to the Athletic report. Both Chelsea and Arsenal aim to rebuild their defensive lineups by recruiting new players.

Looks like it too Chelsea will follow last season’s criteria for transferring players ie one on one. The newly appointed coach of Stamford Bridge man Thomas Tuchel also needed some changes in the current squad.

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According to some reports on English news sites, Thomas Tuchel has requested more than 10 players for transfer this season. If Kounde wants to join Chelsea, he could potentially play for Stamford Bridge.

Apart from that, Arsenal have also made small changes to the club’s strategies if necessary during game weeks. This therefore helps them get to the middle of the points table by improving the game compared to the previous English Premier League season.

The Seville rated price is very expensive for Arsenal:

Even so, La Liga club Sevilla estimated a high amount for the central defender’s transfer fee. Clubs that want to buy it expect it below the price set by Seville. But the increased demand meant that the La Liga team held their value high and benefited from it.

Sevilla look forward to selling him for £ 47m which is too big for others, but Chelsea have no problem with money. If Arsenal want to buy him on both sides, they’ll have to set the bid higher than Chelsea. So it seems to be a little tricky to the north London side.

Chelsea leads KoundeSource: Twitter

Therefore, instead of Jules Kounde, they need to see another option for the center-back position. As it seems impossible to finalize his deal before Chelsea’s interest in him. So in the end it all depends on the club and the decision of the player in choosing which club he wants to move on with.

In the meantime, when he played for the Spanish team for two seasons, he improved his performance significantly. As a defender, he scored two goals in his 34 appearances for Sevilla this season. This continuity throughout the season has an advantage for the player statistics.

He played a total of 49 games for the Spanish team and has scored four goals so far. Hence, it becomes clear how influential and valuable he is as a player in the Seville squad. But a willingness to leave the club could bring some changes for the Spanish team next season in La Liga.

From now on, fans can be excited to see which club Jules Kounde will start his Premier League career with next season. In the race between Chelsea and Arsenal there will be a great match between the two clubs in the transfer market. Let’s see which club Jules Kounde would most like to play in next season.

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