Arsenal have been overwhelmed to promising Bogarde’s signing by Villa


Amid Athletic’s brilliant and in-depth article (subscription required) on the impact of Brexit on Premier League transfers and the influx of U18 newcomers this summer, some worrying news has been released regarding Arsenal.

The Athletic report says Arsenal – and north London rivals Spurs – were both beaten by Aston Villa in signing 16-year-old Lamare Bogarde.

Many Premier League clubs were active when it came to recruiting U18 players from Europe this summer as it was their last chance before the Brexit rules came.

It doesn’t specifically state why the eclectic defensive midfielder chose not to join the Gunners, but the Athletic noted Villa’s “very aggressive” approach and strong talent scouting.

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Arsenal did a handful of their own businesses in their youth, and after being fired from Huddersfield, some low-profile talent came along like George Lewis and Tim Akinola.

Bogarde is at U16 level for the Netherlands and was recently promoted to U23 by the Villains in Premier League 2.

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