Arsenal may launch a bid for 25-year-old goalkeeper


arsenal Coach Mikel Arteta made the top ten this season by finishing 8th this English Premier League season. Last season his team was 10th, but the development of strategies and fixtures makes it possible for him.

At the time of Mikel Arteta’s entry, Arsenal were facing major problems on the field. Nothing was going right for her at the time. Then Mikel Arteta also accepted the offer and in such a situation took over the management of the club.

In addition, he started improving the squad by switching players. In which he landed some talents at Emirates and has now become an important part of the club. He has made the loan agreements with the players to send players to North London and bring them.

As part of his plan, Mikel Arteta is also trying to buy some young talent. However, he had scouted a few players along with his management staff during that season. So he is able to start a deal for the youngsters.

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According to a report by Goal, Arsenal see an offer for the 25-year-old Ajax goalkeeper. Ajax shot stopper Onana has been on the Gunners’ radar but his suspension due to the hopeful component in his body keeps the north London side away from him in January.

Meanwhile, the Gunners noticed another reduction in the players’ penalty period from 12 to 9 months. Despite being out of the game for a few months, Mikel Arteta wanted him too because of his unique gameplay.

What if Arsenal sign Onana when he’s available to play?

Andre Onana was banned for 12 months in February 2021 but received 9 months of relaxation after an explanation of his situation. The board also told them it could attend the club’s training session two months before its embargo.

It is therefore certain that Andre Onana will take part in the team selection in November 2021. So it will be grateful to Arsenal if they pull the deal off in this transfer window. Signing Onana will also give them many benefits.

Onana available for transferSource: Arsenal Fever

Another reason Mikel Arteta would like to sign him as Leno’s existence at Arsenal has not yet been established. Ryan also went back to Brighton and Hove Albion for his loaner spells. So it takes a real goalkeeper for the Gunners.

Previously, Andre Onana was Ajax’s goalkeeper of choice. His quick reflex time, along with his game-building ability by helping to move the ball forward when passing, is one of the onana’s strengths.

Ajax is also looking for new players who are free transfer. Because of this, Arsenal had a good chance of getting their deal in this transfer window. A report said Arsenal will only bid for £ 7m and it will be affordable for the Dutch too.

If Onana joins the North London roster from now on, they will be gaining their shot blocking strength for the next Premier League season. His arrival will depend on how the talks between the two clubs take place.

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