Arsenal midfielder Matteo Guendouzi believes Tottenham Hotspur’s Heung-Min Son is the perfect participant within the EPL


Arsenal midfielder Matteo Guendouzi is currently on season loan with Bundesliga team Hertha Berlin but it seems he’s still keeping an eye on the Premier League.

The Frenchman has named Tottenham Hotspur winger Heung-Min Son the current best in England’s top division and that may not have done his relationship with the Gunners fan base any good.

Guendouzi dropped out with manager Mikel Arteta last term and although he has impressed since joining Hertha it remains to be seen whether a return to north London is planned.

The 21-year-old is rarely thrifty with the truth and appeared uncaring about Arsenal’s rivalry with Spurs in a recent interview.

Guendouzi was asked who he thinks is the best player in the Premier League right now and while mentioning Manchester City’s Kevin de Bruyne he thought Son was worthy too.

“Kevin de Bruyne – he’s someone who is everywhere, with his passing quality, his vision of the game,” the Arsenal man told Oh My Goal US when he asked the question.

“For me he’s one of the best midfielders in the world.

“I would say son in Tottenham too. He’s a player who does a lot of good for his team. “

Eternal and fierce city rivals, the Gunners and Spurs would not have expected a player from either club to praise a player from the other side of the divide.

If he were at Arsenal right now, Guendouzi would not have picked a Tottenham player if he had been asked that question, and his decision to name Drop Son could have been an attempt on his part to attack his former teammates with a barely veiled dig.

Club rivalry aside, the Frenchman is right about his player choice and not many will disagree.

With 13 goals and six assists in 22 league games, the Spurs star is arguably the best player in the country right now and Arsenal would like to have someone like him in their ranks.

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