Athletic 0-Four Barcelona Participant Scores: De Jong outshines Mes


Barcelona won the Copa del Rey on Saturday thanks to a bolt of goals in the second half that gave them a 4-0 win over Athletic Club.

The game was goalless just before the hour but Antoine Griezmann’s opener opened the floodgate and Frenkie de Jong soon added a second.

Lionel Messi took in two more goals as Barca scored four goals in 12 minutes to keep the game out of the Basque side’s reach.

But who were the stars?

Athletic Club 0-4 Barcelona: match statistics, player statistics, player ratings

A strong performance on the left by Jordi Alba who is well suited to the 3-5-2 system that Ronald Koeman now plays in Barcelona.

He was a very active presence on his flank and underlined his importance to the team with a couple of assists, first for De Jong and then for Messi.

It doesn’t often happen that Lionel Messi is eclipsed and in fact, it was the little Argentine who has dragged his side through some very dark periods this season.

However, he wasn’t the decisive force on Saturday as the Catalans took on the Copa del Rey. Even so, he was impressive again when he scored his 30th goal of the season by putting the icing on the cake with a few quick blows.

The revival of the Dutch national star is continuing rapidly as he showed how effective he can be when placed higher up the field. Of course, given his recently improved ads, this isn’t a revelation, but this was arguably his biggest ad since arriving in Barcelona in summer 2019.

De Jong set the opener for Griezmann before meeting himself three minutes later and then brilliantly prepared Messi in an eight-minute blistering spell.

After serving on the first three goals, he earned his Man of the Game award.

Athletic Club 0-4 Barcelona: match statistics, player statistics, player ratings

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