Barcelona replace on Sergino Dest after Mbappe destroyed him


Every player is going to have one of those games where there is simply nothing they can do to stop an opposing player, but the most important thing is how they bounce back.

There will be much better players than Sergino Dest toasted by Kylian Mbappe over the next few years, but it could be seen that the Barca man’s confidence was completely weakened as the game progressed last week.

That panic even spread to Gerard Pique once when he was desperately caught yelling instructions to him that weren’t working, but it’s natural that questions about Dest suitability are being asked at the highest level right now.

He was signed by Ajax with fairly limited first-team experience so he would always be a bit raw while realizing that his strengths are in pushing forward rather than removing someone from the game.

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It really needs to be stressed that Ousmane Dembele gave him little to no protection on the flank, so he went up against one of the best players in the world. So it’s no surprise that Sport have reported that Barca are planning to stand by their husband.

He was suspected of having an injury but this may just be an attempt to save a face but his positioning was the main issue as he kept falling lower and lower to keep Mbappe from getting past him but that allowed him just cut into it.

It’s one of those accomplishments that he’ll learn from and hopefully he’ll take the lessons from it and become a better player, while hoping he got some help in the return leg when he starts again.

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