Cascarino suggests tactical change for Chelsea to help struggling Werner


Chelsea The current form of the FC is in the dumps. The London club has lost its rhythm during this difficult Christmas season. This December was a nightmare for Frank Lampard’s men and one to be forgotten.

Timo Werner is now goalless for his last 11 games. His longest goal drought so far was 9 games at his old club Stuttgart in Germany. He desperately needs a destination to lift his spirits.

Werner signed a transfer window for Chelsea this summer for a fee of approximately $ 72 million to bolster RB Leipzig’s forward options. He was so excited that he decided to join Chelsea earlier than planned.

After a dynamic start in the league, his form has dropped dramatically and with it the current lack of goals and confidence. The German international is a talented offspring and just needs a boost.

After all, he scored a goal for his predecessor RB Leipzig and is still one of the best strikers in world football. Even though he’s not there right now, he’s definitely not out of the game because he provides assists. This is something Werner can do to make an impact even though he doesn’t score. He is always in the game until the last moment and manages to score a goal contribution.

Timo Werner needs support, says Tony Cascarino

Timo Werner needs support, says Tony Cascarino

Tony Cascarino believes Chelsea needs to provide Timo Werner with a great center-forward to get the best out of him. He suggests the example of Michael Owen and Emile Heskey to emphasize his point of view.

Michael Owen had a rapid pace but wasn’t the most physical striker. After working with Emile Heskey, he was able to flow more freely, with Heskey acting as the target and taking center stage.

Cascarino believes that some of this order could benefit Chelsea a lot, especially Timo Werner, who is definitely not the one who is physically strong and present. Not being the center of attention will be in his favor.

“It’s difficult because I’ve seen a lot of Werner and when he was in Leipzig he was playing alongside Poulsen, a great center forward, and he was playing to his left and he was thriving. It’s a bit like Michael Owen; Michael Owen would never be the same player without Emile Heskey. Michael was incredibly quick, but didn’t have the greatest touch, but he always scored goals when he had a tall boy next to him to take the pressure off him. “

At RB Leipzig, Timo Werner had the advantage of playing with Poulsen, who is a great center forward and can play well. Olivier Giroud is one such player for Chelsea but Timo Werner wasn’t very comfortable in the left position.

Cascarino suggests that Christian Pulisic should be the man playing on the left. The American superstar is a great addition to Frank Lampard and should be played in his best position to get everything from him.

Manchester City will come to Stamford Bridge next in the Premier League. After the game against Everton was postponed due to the spread of coronavirus in the warehouse, the game against Chelsea can be played.

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