Clarification given for referee searching for out Erling Haaland’s signature


Referees are given a lot of stick when they seem lacking in personality, but once they show a human side they can easily be butchered in the press too.

Much has been said about the assistant referee getting Erling Haaland’s signature after the Man City Dortmund game last night, while his professionalism has been questioned by many.

How could he be impartial and trustworthy when clearly impressing a player to that extent, but the real reason has come out and it’s a wonderfully heartwarming thing indeed:

Talked to the Romanian Association about Haaland’s match officers / autograph. They say Octavian Sovre did it to raise funds for an autism center that he is helping with. More information about @SkySportsNews

– Paul Gilmour (@skysportspaulg) April 7, 2021

Provided the explanation is genuine then he’s only using his position to help the charity and it’s great to see Haaland was ready to help too.

In a strange way, the promotion of this will also do more to raise awareness and hopefully it will help raise even more money for the charity so that it might end nicely after all.

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