Coutinho harm prevents Liverpool receiving €20m price from Barcelona


In some ways it makes sense to structure a transfer agreement so that payments are made after certain milestones are reached, but this can lead to uncomfortable situations.

It is easy to imagine that a player’s next goal or appearance is going to cost a certain amount when it really is a cumulative effort to get to that point.

It can even lead to a point where players are frozen because the club would rather spend the money elsewhere and a report from Marca showed Barcelona faced that situation with Philippe Coutinho.

It is confirmed that he was signed for 120 million euros plus add-ons. So it’s a terrible deal no matter how you look at it, but Liverpool had to pay another € 20million this season if he played a few more games.

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Barca are struggling financially right now so they don’t have to pay that much for a player who is expected to be sold in the summer and it has been confirmed that he is now injured for the rest of the season so they won’t have to face this scenario.

Of course, they could have just refused to play against him, but that can create riot in the squad and it doesn’t look good for anyone, so injuries are almost seen as a blessing by some.

It also sounds like the current plan is to sell him this summer and there is hope that he will shine in the Copa America for Brazil this summer to spark interest, but there is no chance that it will they amortize somewhere near that original fee.

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