Daniel EK meets with Arsenal Supporters’ Belief as takeover bid gathers momentum


At first it looked like Spotify founder Daniel EK’s interest in buying Arsenal was a throwaway Twitter remark or a cheap PR stunt, but it becomes clear that he means business very seriously.

It’s hard to find Arsenal fans to support the Kroenke regime, so the takeover is likely to be popular while also having some legendary ex-players in Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Dennis Bergkamp on his side .

EK and the trio have been reported to have met with the Arsenal Supporters’ Trust and it appears that after a meeting that has been described as “constructive” there are some positive feelings:

? “It was a constructive meeting and we were encouraged to hear their commitment to putting the role of the fans at the center of their proposals.”

The Arsenal Supporters’ Trust meeting Daniel Ek and the takeover consortium? Https://t.co/Vby6mEbuBM

– Chris Wheatley (@ChrisWheatley_) May 4, 2021

The main takeaway from the meeting is that the new regime would make serious attempts to inject more “Arsenal DNA” into the club as a whole, while also trying to put fans at the center of their decision-making so that many of the right things happen said.

The problem will actually be to coerce or persuade the Kroenkes to sell, with the report suggesting that EK tried to reach the Kroenkes for discussion but they have not yet responded.

They feel this potential acquisition is gaining momentum and it will take more than a summer of above average spending from the current owners to get fans back on the site. So there is hope that something can happen here.

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