Extra woe for Florentino Perez as Ozil audio leaks floor


It might be time for Real Madrid president Florentino Perez to close the hatches as more audio leaks have surfaced, this time demeaning Los Blancos’ former midfield star Mesut Özil.

Apparently, it was not enough for Perez to tarnish the names of Raul, Iker Casillas, Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho.

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It leaves you wondering how long this drip feeding effect is going to last and how bad things are going to get for the president.

In Leaks detailed by The Madrid Zone Twitter account, Perez notes how Özil left his girlfriend after arriving in Madrid and became an item with an Italian model he used to fly to in his private jet.

??? | Florentino Perez (2012, leaked): “Özil came with a girlfriend when he was 21, but he quickly discovered Madrid and changed his lifestyle. He told his girlfriend to be kidding and replaced her with an Italian model. He took his private jet, fucked her and returned. “

– Madrid Zone (@theMadridZone) July 16, 2021

Apparently, Mourinho also told him that she was sleeping with both AC Milan and Inter teams and technical staff when he ended that relationship too.

Özil is clearly embarrassed to have such information leaked to the public, but too many more leaks and it could be crippling for Perez, who has so far managed to rule with an iron fist through two presidencies.

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However, someone has known where these bodies are buried for years and it looks like it’s time for amortization.

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