Farke addressess Buendia rumours amid Arsenal curiosity


Daniel Farke has responded to rumors that Arsenal are interested in signing Emiliano Buendia in that transfer window

The transfer window is well up and this month Mikel Arteta has a chance to inject his money and try to sign a few more players who improve his four best chances.

Buendia has been one of the best players at Norwich in recent years and has been ordered to leave the club’s final transfer window. However, he has stayed and has once again become a key player for the team.

He scored the only goal when they scored a 1-0 win over Barnsley this weekend to continue their efforts to return to the Premier League. After the game, Canary Islands manager Daniel Farke remained firmly convinced that his team won’t let midfielders leave them this month.

“Emi is a key player for us, an important member of the group and he is fully committed to us,” he said, as quoted by Mail Sport.

‘He is our player and will continue to be our player. He’s got a long-term contract with the club so we’ll keep him.

“Everyone knows his qualities – and I don’t expect any interest just because he scored a miracle goal today. He got such a number for us and people know what he can do.

‘It was an excellent finish and Emi can do it. He instinctively knows when to run and then has the quality to get it done. ‘

We have said it before, and we will say it again, there are far better players that Arsenal could sign.

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