Florentino Perez’s ESL quotes come again to chew him after Sheriff loss


In some ways it’s easy to forget that the entire episode of the European Super League actually took place, but it’s always fun to look back on when you consider the recent form of some of these teams that were involved.

Of course, it was touted as something that had to happen because there just wasn’t enough competition for all of these elite teams, but the reality was that they were being led terribly and just had to find another source of income somewhere.

The two biggest Spanish teams are a prime example of this, as they currently live mostly on their reputation rather than the actual product on the pitch, and Sheriff’s shocking 2-1 win at the Bernabeu is the perfect example of why nothing needs changing football .

One of the biggest supporters of the ESL was Florentino Perez, who seemed to suggest that his team needed more competition …

Florentino: “There are Champions League games in the groups that nobody sees, the truth is that even I struggle to see them.”

– Tom Allnutt (@TomAllnuttAFP) September 28, 2021

If Real won every game 6-0 and won the UCL every year, he might have a point, but it looks like his team will have to sort itself out and find a way to compete at that level before claiming that it’s about that.

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