Guardiola on Anthony Martial’s ‘misses’ after United’s UCL exit


Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola used two of Anthony Martial’s “misses” against Paris Saint-Germain as an example of the fine “margins” played in the Champions League.

Guardiola has been asked if people are overreacting to Manchester United’s exit from European elite club competition, perhaps overlooking how difficult it actually is.

Guardiola replied “Yes, absolutely” when he realized how fine the “margins” are at this level.

The City boss noticed Martial’s miss when United and PSG were 1-1 last week, while also commenting on the second chance the Frenchman missed with just one defender.

Guardiola, who had a dynasty with Barcelona and a national success with Bayern Munich, added that the Red Devils were close to 3-3 in the 3-2 loss to RB Leipzig that knocked them out.

Pep Guardiola on the verge of the Champions League and Anthony Martial’s mistake against PSG in response to Man United’s exit in the group stage for @ caughtoffside…

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Here’s what Guardiola had to say on the sidelines of the Champions League:

“Yes, absolutely, but what won’t change is the scope for the next round or the group stage – it’s so small.”

“With a 1-1 draw against PSG, Martial has two clear chances – one with no goalkeeper and one with only the defender on the line – and he misses.”

“And Leipzig is 3: 3 in the 94th minute and they score 4: 3 (against Istanbul Basaksehir). So they have a chance for the last game.”

“Also in the 3-0 (Leipzig against United) there was a cross from Pogba with Maguire scoring a goal at the second post.”

“You intercept the opponent – the goalkeeper saves the ball because he found it – behind the legs and it would have been 3-3 and it would be about the ‘spirit, character and personality’ of United again.”

“This is the Champions League … this is part of this competition so we have to accept it.”

“The margin at this level is so high, and that’s why it’s so high because big teams can drop out.”

“That’s why every time we win a game in the group stage, I tell the well-made players that it’s so difficult to do an incredible job and think about the next – it’s the same in the Premier League.”

“Every game you can win is so complicated, so difficult, and every time we make it it’s a huge compliment.”

“Every time we win, we celebrate that evening and think about it later. This is how we have to live our profession. “

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It’s nice to hear a manager on this particular subject. The outrage following United’s collapse into the Europa League may have overshadowed Leipzig’s performance and UCL’s overall difficulty.

Guardiola spoke on Friday ahead of the Manchester derby between the two teams, which starts at 5:30 p.m. (GMT) today.

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