Hamilton commentator sacked for jobby description


There has been a lot of talk in the past few months about bad comments that make you wonder what they really add to the game, but that’s actually quite entertaining.

There was some silence at the start of the second half between Hamilton and Ross County last night as one of the commentators was absent so this could easily be written off as a technical error and no damage would have been done.

Unfortunately, the commentator made it clear to the world exactly where he had been and even gave additional analysis on top of that. So it’s no great surprise that Hamilton announced that it will no longer be used:

“I went away for a job at halftime.”
“Had to push quite a bit”.

The Scottish football commentary is undefeated. Unfortunately, this Hamilton commentator has been fired. I would tune in again. pic.twitter.com/QwmBe8Aa2Y

– Euan McTear (@emctear) February 4, 2021

A contractor hired by the club to summarize / co-comment on assignments crossed the mark with very bad humor tonight. The club didn’t find this funny and the person won’t be used again. We are sorry about that.

– Hamilton Accies FC (@acciesfc) February 3, 2021

It’s one of those things that the rest of us actually found very funny about, although if you read the comments from the actual Hamilton fans it sounds like the only real analysis he’s given all season so they could have played a role in the decision.

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