Harry Kane switch: Revisiting every thing Tottenham star stated in *that* Gary Neville interview


Harry Kane’s interview with Gary Neville caused a stir at the time, and in retrospect it now provides some clues as to what the Tottenham star’s transfer situation could look like in the coming weeks.

Below are Kane’s full quotes from Neville, with perhaps the strongest suggestion by the England international that he would like to go to Manchester City to team up with assistant machine Kevin De Bruyne, with moving abroad not of particular interest to him, like he dreams of becoming the premier league’s top scorer of all time …

“I think injuries would be the biggest” [in stopping me getting the record], obviously I had injuries, ankle injuries and nothing that kept me out for months, Expert Neville.

“Of course there is always the possibility of moving abroad one day, but I don’t think that will really interest me in the near future.

“Injuries I think would be the only things on my mind, but I feel like I’ve had a good seven or eight years at the top if you look like the Messis, Ronaldos… your Ibrahimovics keep getting better. reach their early 30s.

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“I’m still 27 so I have hopefully a long way to go, so I mean, yes, it’s definitely there, I’m obviously still quite a long way off, but you know, I like to consistently think I’ve got in scored more than 20 goals in my injury-free season in the Premier League. So if I can do that for the next four or five years, then it will be, it will be there.

“I would be lying if I said I don’t [want the Premier League record], I think if I get to the end and I haven’t broken that record and Wayne Rooney England’s record then I would probably be a little disappointed in myself to be honest, but it’s definitely there if I go ahead with what I do. I guess it will just be a great sign of persistence over many years.

“I mean, Shearer’s record is amazing when you think about it, 260 goals. I think there is just a little bit of motivation to push myself and hopefully go beyond that.

“I’ve been with Tottenham since I was 11, more than half of my life there. Lots of ups and downs along the way that you know.

“I had to work extremely hard to get where I am, but yeah, I just love the club. Love the fans. As I said, a big part of my life. Obviously this season has been a little disappointing from my club’s point of view, but we’ve had some good years in the last five or six years, I think we just have to see where it goes.

“[Those two seasons] I feel like it was a great opportunity for us. We had a title race for Leicester, of course, but we didn’t quite make it to the title race with Chelsea the following season.

Harry Kane revealed a lot in his interview with Gary Neville

“We’ll reach the Champions League final the following season, so we were really well positioned. Of course we didn’t win anything and didn’t quite cross the finish line, but I have the feeling that we were really well positioned with the team.

“For one reason or another, we didn’t quite do what we had to do and somehow where we are now I feel like we’re in some kind of rebuilding again, if I’m honest.

“It’s disappointing, I feel like the opportunity was definitely there. I’m not going to say that of course it doesn’t exist anymore, football … a good player or two can get the team over the line with Liverpool and City and teams like that, but I feel like this was a missed opportunity club, something To do something special. “

“Oh De Bruyne, sure,” said Kane when asked which player he thought he would be the best match. “When I see De Bruyne play he’s a special, special player and some of the balls I see for City are just a striker’s dream if I’m honest, but yes, he’s an amazing player.

“You saw him, he’s a great player with the ball, off the ball, pushing, but he’s performing as well as I’ve ever seen to be honest.

“It was pretty much different [under Jose Mourinho compared to Mauricio Pochettino] if I’m honest. Just in the type of game, the way they are set up, tactical training that we would do. Obviously we Mauricio worked a lot in the gym, it was a lot of the gym while Jose didn’t care that much, but Jose obviously expected us to be men and act like men on the pitch, have leaders on the pitch.

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“To be honest, it probably didn’t quite work out with Jose that we didn’t have enough leadership that we needed back then.

“Obviously the club was going through a difficult period, with Mauricio being sacked it is never easy to find a new coach.

“I think I had a great relationship with Jose, we hit it off from the first minute. I think we hit it off, we had a similar mentality and how we saw things on the pitch, off the pitch and the mentality in training, so we built that relationship.

“Again it’s a shame that we couldn’t win anymore, but I was fortunate enough to work with Mauricio and Jose, they are two incredible managers who have certainly only helped me in my career.

“I mean, it’s not like he’s against it [sports science]. It’s not that he says I don’t want you with me, but it wasn’t what he wanted to do in the first place.

“There was more on the pitch, we have to do that, that’s how we have to line up. When training on the court, he almost left you to be professional, he didn’t care and guard it.

“We still had workouts in the gym with sports scientists putting things on, but he wouldn’t, he almost expected it. You know, we’re professional footballers, he shouldn’t have to tell us to train in the gym, that should go without saying.

“José has so much experience in the biggest games at the biggest clubs and that’s what I mean when I say that we had a similar mentality on this to ‘do anything to win’ and that’s the game.

“José just wanted to win. That was the mentality he wanted to instill in the Spurs players of doing whatever it takes to win and I think like you said we’ve gotten more roadworthy but maybe there were relationships that didn’t quite work there but mine Sight, he was great for me.

“I was surprised, I mean, I’ve said that before. I was surprised at the timing [Mourinho’s sacking]. As you say it was the club’s decision, Daniel had his reasons for it, but I was obviously surprised.

“José is a winner, we know Jose’s record in finals and the like, so… I said before we found out maybe five minutes before anyone else. Whether it was something they thought about for a while or it was just a decision made in the moment, I’m not sure.

“We didn’t find out long before anyone else. But I mean, I understand that chairmen have to make a tough decision in tough times, so I’ve never hit anyone for anything because I’m not in their position and I don’t know all the pros and cons, but yeah, sure I was surprised.

“But you see Ryan Mason has come, full credit to Mase, I think Mase has done incredibly well to deal with the whole situation. When a manager is fired, getting in is not easy, obviously his first type of role, in the first team leadership role.

“He’s played with a lot of us so getting in and coaching isn’t easy, but he wasn’t trying to like this power hungry manager. He just got in and was himself, and I think the guys really accepted that.

Harry Kane was a star player for Tottenham

“Mauricio was great from the moment he came in. He came in and I was a starter and I was right on the team but it actually took a while, two to three months,” he said

“I had an injury the previous season, at the end of the season I came back a little overweight before the season started. I hadn’t been able to train so I’ll come back, I wasn’t as fit as [I could have been].

“I just wasn’t as keen as I could have been, but he was the perfect guy for me because we worked so hard and the training was so hard.

“We worked a lot in the gym. I was in a real development phase in my career. I’ve kind of developed into my body and things like that and with that extra workout, the extra fitness in the gym, he was kind of a guide in that regard.

“He gave me a lot of confidence. I had played Europa League with him, scored goals and waited for this opportunity in the Premier League and luckily for the goal at Villa away.

“I took that deflected free kick and of course from then on I started pretty much every game with him. We built a really good relationship. We got along, not only in terms of football, but also personally.

“We had great years and great moments and of course we would have loved to have won something with him, a trophy with him. It didn’t quite happen, but I will always cherish the relationship and the years we had together.

“We didn’t know anything about it [the Super League plans] So we were just as surprised as everyone else, we woke up and went to this Super League, so I agree again, I agree that I didn’t like the idea, ”he said.

“I think only competitiveness likes not being able to, if you don’t win the league what are you playing for?

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“There has to be a reward for being in the top four or in the six or something. I just didn’t like that aspect, so I’m happy with the result.

“I’m sure there will be some kind of second wave, probably not the way it was obvious. I think they really underestimated the reaction to the players and fans. We’ll have to wait and see, but I’m glad it didn’t work out. “

He reiterated injuries, adding, “I’ve done a few [ligaments] on my right and a few on my left, but I mean, when you look at the injuries and I know people say, ‘Oh he has ankle problems’ but yeah, my ankles are better than ever.

“If you look at all the injuries that have always existed, they were always trapped under a player when they slipped.

“I mean, when you watch me shoot or watch me shoot, my ankle gets a little under me anyway, so I’ve always had that kind of ankle, but I don’t feel like I have ankle problems, I don’t feel like it’s something that will keep me out long in the future.

“I feel like I’ve been as good as the last two or three years this season, especially in the last two or three years.”

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