How did Vicente Guaita save Eric Dier’s free-kick?


Tottenham’s attempt to win at Crystal Palace was turned down at the last minute by a brilliant moment.

It’s not often that goalkeepers get this kind of praise, but Vicente Guaita’s stoppage time save to deny Eric Dier’s free kick is nothing short of exceptional.

Save Vicente Guaita

Guaita had previously made a mistake in the first half after getting the wrong footed by a far-reaching Harry Kane whom he let slip past him. After that he was in great shape and made a number of parades.

Towards the end, he responded superbly from close range to block a Harry Kane header that was beneath his body, but he saved his best for the final act of the game.

Absolutely loved Guaita❗️👏👏👏

– The modern GK (@themoderndaygk) December 13, 2020

Dier’s free kick is perfect, with the right dissolve to move the ball away from the goalkeeper and – hopefully – find the top corner of the net.

Guaita moved his feet superbly to make up the ground and to enable himself to make contact with the ball and keep it out. Even so, it still popped up just below the crossbar, meaning he needed a strong wrist to keep it from finding the web.

And he did it miraculously. Dier’s kick is taken with real force, but Guaita’s strong wrist managed to get the ball over the crossbar and to safety.

Many saves in games depend on the goalkeeper’s positioning or close range reflexes, and that summed up a number of Guaita’s saves here. But this one showed all the skills that a top-class goalkeeper must have.

His foot movement was perfect. He was looking forward to edging in the right direction before the ball was hit. He stretched his arm high above his head. And he kept the strength in his wrist to keep the ball safe.

It may save the season. And it was the moment that decided this match.

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