Jamie Carragher feedback on Harry Kane’s probabilities of leaving Tottenham Hotspur


Harry Kane is looking to leave Tottenham Hotspur this summer, and while insisting that his future is in his hands alone, Chairman Daniel Levy has felt differently.

The England international is keen to play in the Champions League regularly and win silver and is dying to move to Manchester City.

Spurs won’t play in elite European competition next season after missing a top 4 result and they have been without a trophy since 2008.

Joining Man City would give Kane a chance to win silver every season, ending his decades-long Tottenham drought.

However, Chairman Daniel Levy is unlikely to let the 27-year-old go easily, with three years left on his current contract.

According to The Athletic, Kane believes he struck a gentlemanly agreement with Levy last summer. Man City asked about the then Spurs star and Levy declined.

Kane wanted to leave but was told by Levy to give him another year, which he now believes will entitle him to move this summer.

Jamie Carragher doesn’t think the Tottenham boss will keep his end of the deal, however.

“He should never have committed so long,” the Sky Sports expert told The Telegraph.

“An extension of three or four years would have put him in a much healthier negotiating position. Instead, Kane still has three years to complete his deal. He can get stuck.

“Whenever I hear a hint of a ‘gentlemanly agreement’ between a player and his club – the suggestion to be Spurs will do the ‘honorable’ thing and let his best player go – I am tempted to laugh out loud.

“Unless there is a legally binding obligation to sell, forget that this is a factor in Chairman Daniel Levy’s discussions.”

While Kane thinks Levy could be open to selling him for £ 100million, Man City and other contestants may need to add £ 50million to trick Spurs into considering a sale.

The Tottenham chairman isn’t particularly keen on selling his most valuable player to a Premier League rival and empowering him in the process.

Kane wants his future to be cleared up ahead of the European Championship and to stay in the top English league despite Paris Saint-Germain’s interest and we could have a long transfer saga ahead of us.

In other news, a club chairman joked that he wanted to sign Kane this summer.

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