Jesse Lingard thought-about break from soccer after psychological well being struggles final yr


Jesse Lingard has bravely faced a difficult period in his life when he considered taking a break from football last year.

Lingard has excelled on loan from Manchester United since joining West Ham United. He scored an impressive nine goals and assisted four in 13 games.

Because of his performance, West Ham is now on the hunt for Champions League football for the next season and is level on points with fourth-placed Chelsea.

However, the Englishman has admitted that he almost took a break from football last year for psychological reasons.

He also spoke about his mother’s depression and how United supported him and his family.

In an interview with the YouTube channel ‘Presenting’ (shot in January), Lingard explained how he almost distanced himself from football.

“I could have easily stopped in lockdown,” Lingard said.

“I could have said, ‘No, I don’t want to do it, I’m quitting, I’m giving up’. But the struggle within me keeps bringing me to life.

“Don’t stop playing football – just have a break, really. I happily went to games while sitting on the bench.

“I opened up to Manchester United. I told them what I was going through, what my mom was going through and they were always there to help.

“I had other doctors who helped too who were brilliant and during the lockdown I put my head together.”

SL View – Lingard should be commended for his bravery

In football these days, we often see players as people who have no reason to be upset. However, this is far from it.

Players, just like Jesse Lingard, are real people and they fight just like us.

Many fans would have planned Lingard for his performances last year without realizing the stress he was under.

It will also have taken immense courage to speak publicly about these issues, for which the 28-year-old should be commended.

We can only hope that Lingard’s comments help normalize the idea that learning about how you feel when you are mentally troubled can be really helpful.

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