Liverpool captain Henderson on squad’s ‘place’ on ESL


Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has reached out on social media to share the squad’s “collective position” on the hated plans for a European Super League.

While the news is stepping out of the new competition that would have ruined football through rivals Manchester United, Chelsea and City, there is no noise in Liverpool, but this …

Henderson has announced that the players do not “like” these plans and also “do not want” the European Super League to “happen”.

The injured club captain added that this was the squad’s “collective position” that will please Liverpool fans, adding that their “commitment” to the club and fans is “absolute and unconditional”.

Henderson signed the club’s legendary idiom, “You will never go alone” – something its American owners almost seem to do when other signatories back off.

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– Jordan Henderson (@JHenderson) April 20, 2021

“We don’t like it and we don’t want it to happen.”

“This is our collective position.”

“Our commitment to this football club and its supporters is absolute and unconditional.”

“You’ll never Walk Alone.”

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Liverpool worshipers will appreciate some official comments on the team’s thoughts on the plans as the Reds appear no closer to actually pulling out of the competition.

Aside from media reports indicating that the FSG owners played a huge role in the organization in the first place, they now seem ready to ride this sad path to the end, no shame at all.

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– Mark Brus (@ mbrus88) April 21, 2021

There is no doubt that club legends and current experts like Graeme Souness and Jamie Carragher will ask the fan base never to forgive and forget this act that the club disregarded.

Update: Henderson’s teammates have now followed their captain’s lead to prove this “collective” position by spreading the same message on their own social media pages.

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