Luka Modric mocks Gerard Pique after Clasico


There is a lot of talk about whether Real Madrid or Barcelona are being favorably treated by VAR, but you will likely find fans of the other 18 La Liga clubs claiming that they prefer both over everyone else.

Tonight a little had to give way in the Clasico and there is a lot of anger in the Barcelona camp as the referee decided not to give Martin Braithwaite a penalty late in the game.

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Gerard Pique is always open and you knew he would have something to say tonight, but he was quickly closed by Luka Modric when they crossed after the game:

Modric: You’re waiting for the referee to complain, aren’t you?

Piqué: “Well, four minutes …”

Modric: “How many more do you want?”

– Lucas Navarrete (@LucasNavarreteM) April 10, 2021

Pique finally laughs but he really does look like he’s considering beating the little Croatian and it’s one that real fans are sure to enjoy.

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