Nagelsmann will not have a foul phrase mentioned towards Ronaldo


When you are one of the best footballers of all time, especially in the age of social media, there will always be more than a hint of jealousy towards you.

If you are Cristiano Ronaldo and you don’t mind telling the world how good you are, then the jealousy and resentment grow even bigger.

The narrative that you have to be a terrible person to put it politely is often perpetuated.

However, the Portuguese has his admirers in football, both for his demeanor and for his football talent.

“From the outside you often only see the person who publishes pictures of his yacht,” said Julian Nagelsmann, trainer of RB Leipzig, to Bild, quoted by The Sun.

“But what Sami Khedira told me about Ronaldo’s professional way of working, for example, is impressive.

“He has to be an incredible training animal, the first to come, the last to go. He’s a very warm guy too. This mix is ​​extremely exciting. “

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It’s clear Ronaldo has more than enough money to afford the best of everything, and the fact that he squirts a lot shouldn’t really interest anyone.

You speak while finding and treating others as you would like to be treated yourself. Nagelsmann is one of many who can look beyond the facade and sometimes distance himself from the public figure.

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