PSG group information vs Man Metropolis


PSG superstar Kylian Mbappe has struggled with a few blows in the past few weeks and it wasn’t clear if he could face Man City tonight.

He played in the first leg but something wasn’t looking quite right and you could tell he was maybe thinking to make up for the injury he was suffering from.

He was forced to miss their game over the weekend so it wasn’t clear if he would be fit enough for tonight and the first answer to that seems to be no as he is not expected to start playing.

Tonight, Kylian #Mbappe will be on the bench against Manchester City.

– Mohamed Bouhafsi (@mohamedbouhafsi) May 4, 2021

PSG still have Neymar and a lot of talent on their team so it’s not a fatal blow but it only helps bolster City’s status as favorites to advance to today’s final.

You can be sure Mbappe will come if they watch the game in the 2nd half but it doesn’t sound like he’s at his best.

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