Raul Bobadilla faces ban for getting penis out throughout celebration


We’ve all seen that moment when a player goes mad after the goal and starts tearing clothes off, but it looked like Raul Bobadilla stayed here on the right during his celebration.

?? Raúl Bobadilla was so pleased with his goal for @ClubGuarani that he took off his shirt AND his weird little GPS bra.

?: @TigoSportsPY pic.twitter.com/1TYz7GnuL8

– FotMob (@FotMob) December 24, 2020

Problems have since emerged after a report pointed out that social media posts surfaced from different angles of the celebration and the striker apparently accidentally managed to free part of his old man during the excitement.

“I regret the goal celebration,” said Raúl Bobadilla, “I hope my mother didn’t see it.”

Open to surprise pic.twitter.com/nwTK69nrIR

– Tears in La Bombonera? (@BomboneraTears) December 29, 2020

We live in a world where players get booked for taking off their jerseys. So it doesn’t surprise anyone that they’re facing a ban, but it’s a celebration that is sure to be remembered for a long time.

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