Regarding Jarrod Bowen stats for West Ham


We don’t really see players specializing in just one thing in modern gaming, and most are expected to be excellent at every area of ​​the game.

Ultimately, this leads to a lot of players being pretty “the same” and the game going to be a bit exciting, but it’s the reality of the Premier League right now.

West Ham winger Jarrod Bowen is an interesting example of this as there is no doubt he poses a threat in the future, but a report from Football Insider looked at the defensive side of his game.

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They can manipulate stats to show you anything you want these days, but they claim the stats show that he is the fourth worst player in Europe because he allows opposing players to play progressive passes against him.

Ultimately, this suggests he needs to work harder on his defensive positioning and close the players properly, and Kevin Phillips has indicated that he needs to brush up on this part of his game if he is to keep his place on the team:

“Statistics don’t lie. He’s great to own. But in the end, besides possession, you have to know your positions, you have to know when to press, you have to know where to show someone and where to not show them.

“If you don’t do it quite right at this level, you will be punished. It comes as no surprise as he is more of an offensive player and defense is not his main role. But we all know that you can do both these days.

“So this is going to be an area that they want to improve. These coaches know that. They’ll look at the stats.

“It is certainly an area that he has to learn, the young boy. That gets better with time, especially under Moyes who is a fantastic coach.

“I wouldn’t say Moyes really cares because they get results. He will care more about what he does when in possession. “

While that sounds excessively harsh to Bowen, it can be corrected with hard work and quality coaching, but it’s something he has to do to make sure he can rely on it in every game.

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