Rodney Marsh would not need alcohol ban at soccer lifted


Rodney Marsh was one of the best and most popular players in the old First Division in the 1970s.

A star for Man City and, most recently, Fulham, where he coincided with the late George Best, Marsh was as famous for his off-court escapades as he was for his actions and goals.

Football was not the game it is today and the professionalism of many players was sorely lacking.

Drinking seemed like a popular pastime, so Marsh’s recent outbreak seems a little hypocritical.

A recent fan-led review by Tracey Crouch found that fans with alcohol in their seats should be tested and hopefully reintroduced to the grounds.

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Alcohol can currently only be consumed in the hall before the game, at halftime and after the game.

Seated beer drinking is still prohibited on English football fields

The current rules have worked fine for years and Marsh sees no reason to change them.

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“Football fans are nuts. Football fans are insane, “Marsh said on his Sirius XM show, quoted by the Daily Star, when asked why he was against the new proposals.

“You are bringing six thousand people into an area with no seating, just bumping into each other and drinking while standing, you will have enormous problems and you will have a tragedy, I tell you.

“No it is not [safe]. Next the beer is spilled on someone and oh dear, oh dear. “

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