Roman Abramovich suggests Chelsea confirmed “ambition” by sacking Frank Lampard


Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich may have targeted Frank Lampard a bit by suggesting it would be “ambitious” to fire him and replace him with Thomas Tuchel.

The Blues have been in great shape since they beat Lampard and took on Tuchel, who has remained undefeated since taking over in late January. He won nine and played four of his 13 responsible games so far, including an impressive two-legged performance beating Atletico Madrid out of the Champions League.

Chelsea are known for how fast they go through managers under Abramovich, but the wealthy Russian has defended his policies as he believes it shows the club’s ambitions.

In a rare interview, Abramovich Forbes gave this answer when asked about Lampard’s dismissal and his management policies in general: “I think we are pragmatic in our decisions. And we feel good about making the right changes at the right time to ensure we can achieve our long-term ambitions.

“I hope it says something about the clarity of the club’s long-term ambitions. Those who join understand the goals both on the pitch and the generally positive role the club plays in the community. “

Chelsea fans may have been disappointed to see a club legend like Lampard leave, but in fairness this big job for him may be a little soon.

Tuchel is far more proven at this level and it sure looks like the giants from West London made the right decision.

Abramovich also had positive things to say about women’s football, saying it had “great potential”.

“Chelsea aren’t just the men’s first team. Chelsea is a community. It’s the women’s team, it’s the youth teams, it’s the academy, it’s the support of the club’s former players. It’s something we started with from day one, ”he said.

“The reason is that we as a community turned to Chelsea. And people in the community – there are children, there are women, there are men, there are former players, there are current players, there are future players – everyone needs to be welcomed and part of our management.

Chelsea shone under Thomas Tuchel

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“I don’t see any reason why clubs don’t support women’s football and want to offer them the best possible chance to be successful.

“For me it’s both about the principle and about women’s football. Obviously, if women’s football received the same level of support as men’s football, the sport would be equally successful on the business side.

“And I think investments pay off. I think your success shows what can be achieved when you use resources and the right leadership. [Manager] Emma Hayes was notable in her work with the team. “

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