See how Sri Lankan teenager caught in a intercourse scandal throughout 1st check match in opposition to England


England tour through Sri Lanka and one of the players from Lanka who was involved in the sex scandal in the hotel rooms with a woman from the management team.

Sri Lanka The team returned from South Africa and hosted the series against England. They had held 2 test matches and 3 ODI matches in the same stadium. Played the first game at Galle International Stadium between January 14, 2021 and January 18, 2021.

During this time, a player from the Sri Lankan team, who is approximately 20 years old, was seen with a woman in a hotel room in front of the bio-safety bubble rules. However, the woman shown in the room was only from the management team.

This type of incident has not happened for the first time among the Lankan players. Before the time of the South Africa tour, Sri Lankan players were caught smoking and drinking. Including other unwanted practices before the important game.

As a result, the visitors face the massive 2-0 loss to South Africa. There this situation was reported to the Sri Lankan Cricket Board (SCL) but they are not taking any action. Instead, SCL ignores such incidents.

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Likewise, the Sri Lanka Cricket Board has now also ignored the current incidence of sex scandals that has come into the spotlight. While this particular woman only caught a couple of times earlier with different players from the team.

At this time, the Sri Lankan Cricket Board also avoided the incident and took no serious action against them. Because of this, such things are repeatedly performed by different players. Because they know that SCL does not take such occurrences seriously.

Such sexual misconduct goes back a long time

One of the Sri Lankan Cricket Board sources quoted: “The incident was reported to the Colombo Sri Lanka Cricket Headquarters (SLC) by the Galle team leader. The player’s misconduct is nothing new. “

He also added, “Similar types of sexual misconduct have been around for a long time. The same officer was involved in such incidents several times. But the authorities turned a blind eye. “

Moment of the 1st test match between Sri Lanka and England.Source: Twitter

In conclusion, he said: “Such sexual misconduct also occurred during Sri Lanka’s recent visit to South Africa. This is only part of our player’s bad behavior on major series. ”

From now on, the outcome of such things will reflect the team’s performance on the field. They always suffer from the loss. Despite playing on home soil, they also lost the first seven-goal friendly against England in Galle.

During the first game, the Sri Lankan team scored all 135 runs. During the redemption, England scored a total of 421 hits. In this case, Joe Root was the man of the game, in which Joe Root, along with 18 limits and a six, smashed the impressive double-century blow.

At the second start in Sri Lanka 62 and 111 runs were struck. Mathews Strike 71 has four borders. With a total of 359 runs, England chases so easily and wins the match single-handedly with seven wickets.

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