Thibaut Courtois lashes out at FIFA and UEFA over prioritizing income


Football News: Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois voiced his concerns, hitting FIFA and UEFA for their revenue maximization strategy. Courtois mentioned this after playing in the Nations League in Belgium’s 2-1 loss to Italy on Sunday.

Courtois described the playoff for third place before the game as “pointless” and continued to vent his frustration after the game. The Belgian goalkeeper pointed out that the relentless schedule of the game makes players prone to injury.

“This game is only a money game and we have to be honest,” the Real Madrid goalkeeper told the BBC. “We just play it because it means extra money for UEFA and an extra game on TV.

He also added: “It’s a good game for us because it’s against Italy and it’s a good game for Italy because it’s against Belgium. Courtois claims if it had been a final the squads would have been different.

Thibaut Courtois hits Fifa and Uefa for prioritizing revenue

Thibaut Courtois molded his grief over a tight schedule by saying, “Again in June, [there are] four Nations League games. Why?”.

Courtois isn’t the only one voicing the increasing toxicity in football. Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp has also blown up at Fifa and Uefa for a world championship that takes place every two years. The organization is led by former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

Jürgen Klopp said: “There is no other sport in the world with such a relentless calendar. No physical exercise. At some point someone has to begin to understand that without the players – the key ingredients of this wonderful game – we cannot play it. “

Thibaut Courtois hits Fifa and Uefa for prioritizing revenueThibaut Courtois hits Fifa and Uefa for prioritizing revenue

UEFA has opposed FIFA’s decision to hold a World Cup every two years instead of four. Thibaut responded to Klopp’s concerns and made it clear that UEFA was a hypocrite about creating a third division club competition. Courtois criticized the Europa Conference League and did not spare dozens of clubs, including his own Real Madrid.

The other clubs tried to form a breakaway European Super League in May this year. It met with tremendous opposition from football lovers around the world.

Football News: Rationality of Courtois’ outrage

Thibaut Courtois said: “Next year we have a world championship in November. We’ll play until the end of June, which makes us more prone to injury, but nobody cares about the players.

Three weeks of vacation are not enough for players to relax and stay constant. If we never say anything, it will always be the same, ”he added. Uefa were against the Super League, but came out with an alternative league, the Europa Conference League.

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Thibaut provided some facts that were a reminder that Uefa and Fifa don’t care about the players, they just care about their pockets. They want to have EM and World Cup every year. When will the players rest, ‘We are not robots’. There is always a high risk of injury to players who are exposed to such vile schedules for long periods of time.

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