Tim Sherwood wonderful punditry Liverpool vs Spurs


Steve McClaren has always been the gold standard for terrible experts as he confidently suggested that Iceland had little trouble with England right before they won EURO 2016, but Tim Sherwood just topped it.

If you’ve struggled through his analysis before, it’s painful to listen – it’s a mix of wildly misplaced arrogance and total ignorance, so this clip is extraordinary.

He suggests Spurs have no reason to fear a corner in Liverpool in the final moments of the game. and then of course score Liverpool:

Tim Sherwood, ladies and gentlemen. pic.twitter.com/A5ewSZMEH0

– Kal (@GoonerKal) December 16, 2020

Tim Sherwood ??????????????????????? pic.twitter.com/QSBCldOM9G

– Watch LFC (@Watch_LFC) on December 16, 2020

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