Video: “A farce and a fiasco from begin to end” – Liverpool, Man Utd & co.’s Tremendous League shambles brilliantly ripped to shreds by Sky journalist


It’s hard to get to grips with the insane events of the past 48 hours when the European Super League collapsed before it even got going.

Below is a very decent recap of the madness from Sky Sports journalist Bryan Swanson, who brilliantly summed up the “farce” and “fiasco” of the entire saga.

“Farce and fiasco from start to finish”

Tried to sum up a remarkable 48 hours as all six Premier League clubs pulled out of the Super League #SSN

– Bryan Swanson (@skysports_bryan) April 20, 2021

None of the clubs involved are looking good and supporters of historic and traditional clubs like Liverpool and Manchester United are probably the most disappointed with their club leaders.

It’s worth noting, however, that Liverpool owner John W. Henry has made an official apology to Reds fans since the clip above …

“I let you down” – John W. Henry apologized to Liverpool fans, players and Jürgen

– Mark Brus (@ mbrus88) April 21, 2021

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