Why Klopp cannot complain to media after five-sub rule


Jurgen Klopp is almost a parody of himself after complaining again about the lack of the five-substitute rule and Liverpool failed to bring it up at a meeting yesterday.

Klopp has repeatedly raised concerns about the same issue over the past few weeks – reducing the available substitutes to just the usual three. That is even though the German is not taking full advantage of his available substitutes in the Champions League.

He seems keen to choose when his players are in good enough condition to play. In case you missed it, Klopp again lamented the fact that the Premier League currently only allows three substitutes during matches, while after the ban a rule was in place that allowed five.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is increasingly concerned about the reluctance of Premier League clubs not to vote with the introduction of five substitutes this season. pic.twitter.com/UV3wlZ8Ynl

– Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) December 4, 2020

This is a season like no other in terms of game congestion. Players are run into the ground, which we Klopp will agree to. However, if he’s as desperate to return the rule as he suggested in his press proposal – why didn’t Liverpool bring them up at an inter-club meeting yesterday? See the following tweet from Simon Stone.

Issued 3/5 subs that were not discussed at today’s Premier League meeting. No club has increased it. Stay at three.

– Simon Stone (@ sistoney67) December 3, 2020

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It is well and good that Klopp is expressing his concern on the matter in front of the media, but obviously he is not doing it in front of his own club, or at least that’s suggested by the fact that they have chosen not to discuss it.

Or, more importantly, maybe they disagree with him?

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